Mobile tracking, remote phone locking and data wiping

Spare Backup launched Spare Mobile Security, a suite of software tools that provide users the means to remotely manage their mobile device. The suite includes five features: Locate my Phone, Message my Phone, Lock my Phone, Remote Audible Alert and Wipe my Phone.

As capabilities increase, users are becoming more dependent on their device and as a result are storing more critical data on these devices. In any given year millions of phones are lost or stolen; that number continues to rise as devices become smaller.

Spare Mobile Security benefits:

  • Track the location of your lost or stolen phone.
  • Lock the phone remotely so critical information cannot be viewed.
  • Remotely place a message on your lost phone such as “Contact myemail@address to claim your reward for the safe return of the phone.”
  • Remotely trigger an alert on your lost phone to draw people’s attention to it.
  • If all else fails enable the fifth feature, remotely wipe my phone. Once activated, this feature will backup and then wipe all personal data from the phone.

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