All-in-one Wi-Fi cracking solution

ElcomSoft upgraded its Wireless Security Auditor and made it an all-in-one wireless cracking solution. It can automatically locate wireless networks, intercept data packets, and crack WPA/WPA2 PSK passwords.

The original version of the product enabled network administrators to perform timed attacks on their wireless networks in order to determine how secure exactly their networks were. In order to operate, it required ready-made dumps or wireless traffic. The dumps could be made with a third-party “sniffer” running under Linux or Windows.

Today, ElcomSoft is integrating a wireless sniffer into the Wireless Security Auditor, turning it into a one-button, all-in-one solution ready to be used by corporate security officers without specific experience in information security.

The integrated sniffer is utterly convenient. Displaying all available wireless networks complete with channel numbers, MAC-addresses, SSID, speed, load and encryption parameters, the sniffer connects to a selected Wi-Fi network, and logs wireless traffic complete with “handshake” packets required to starts the password recovery attack.

The new built-in sniffer requires the use of a dedicated Wi-Fi adapter, and supports AirPcap family of hot-pluggable wireless USB adapters. This makes it possible to turn any modern laptop into a high-end wireless security audit system.

Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor helps system administrators and corporate security officers to audit wireless network security. The suite attempts to recover the original plain-text password protecting Wi-Fi communications via WPA/WPA2 PSK protocols for a certain time period, ensuring or disclaiming network resistibility against the most advanced attacks.

Considering the increased security requirements found in WPA/WPA2 protected networks, the solution employs the highest-performance dictionary-attack with advanced mutations to allow carrying out a password audit within a limited timeframe.

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