Stuxnet related searches poisoned

It was only a matter of time when criminals would use the omnipresent Stuxnet threat to lure victims into downloading malware and, according to Trend Micro researchers, the time has come.

Search queries returning malicious results include (but are not restricted to) “stuxnet removal tool,” “stuxnet cleanup,” “stuxnet SCADA,” “stuxnet siemens,” and “stuxnet worm”.

Some of these links direct the victims to specially crafted sites that exploit vulnerabilities that allow them to execute arbitrary commands on the users’ systems. Some of them lead them to sites where malicious payloads are waiting to be downloaded – prevalently Trojans and fake AV solutions. Some lead to PDF and SWF exploits.

In any case, this whole hype about Stuxnet has made people search for more information and for a cleanup solution if they think they have been infected. As with any hot topic, users are advised to search for the answers on reputable sites.

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