FakeAV peddlers targeting computer professionals

Malware peddlers have a general preference for compromising legitimate sites in order to distribute their malicious wares.

Sometimes it is easier to compromise an already existing site that making a new one – not to mention the fact that legitimate sites are usually better positioned in searches than brand new ones and that their compromise might go unnoticed for a longer time.

But in the example brought forth by a TrendLabs engineer, the criminals have seemingly chosen the wrong targets.

Trying to unpack an obfuscated JavaScript from a malicious .PDF file, he asked Google for a JavaScript unpacker tool. On the very first page, he was offered malicious links:

When he followed them, he was faced with a typical FakeAV warning about how his computer might be at risk of malware attacks, and that a threat has been detected.

This kind of SEO poisoning technique has often been used by malware pushers, but this time seems just like poor judgement on their side – JavaScript unpackers are typically used by security professionals, and what are the odds of any of them falling for this old trick?

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