Riverbed acquires CACE Technologies

Riverbed Technology announced the acquisition of CACE Technologies, a leader in packet capture and analysis products for wireless and wireline networks and the corporate sponsor of Wireshark, a popular network protocol analyzer.

With the addition of CACE Technologies’ product line, Riverbed will add state-of-the-art network traffic recording, analysis and inspection to its Cascade network and application visibility solution.

By bringing together the high-performing capabilities of these two products with WAN optimization, Riverbed will be the only vendor with an end-to-end IT performance solution that allows customers to understand application performance over networks, optimize the performance of those applications and then consolidate their IT into private or public clouds.

In addition to developing network analysis solutions, CACE is the sponsor of the award-winning Wireshark and WinPcap open source tools, the world’s most widely used tools for network traffic capture and analysis.

“Riverbed understands the strong, independent and community-driven nature of Wireshark. We are dedicated to keeping Wireshark open and will continue with a strong commitment to the community as it continues to guide and develop the product just as it has in the past,” said Jerry Kennelly, CEO at Riverbed.

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