Bluelog: Bluetooth site survey tool

Bluelog is a Linux Bluetooth scanner written to do a single task, log devices that are in discoverable mode. It is intended to be used as a site survey tool, determining how many discoverable Bluetooth devices there are in a given environment.

Bluelog features multiple options for configuring the log file, all of which are optional but could be helpful depending on how you intend on parsing the resulting data.

“Bluelog Live” is an advanced mode in which Bluelog generates a web page of it’s results which you can host with the HTTP daemon of your choice (Apache, lighttpd, etc). The idea is that showing results on an easy to read web page helps the less technically inclined understand the implications of discoverable Bluetooth devices out in the wild.

Showing somebody a parse log file might not get their attention, but a real-time web page showing the same information is likely to generate a better response.

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