New deep packet analysis technology

NetScout Systems announced Adaptive Session Intelligence (ASI) technology, a transformative real-time Deep Packet Analysis (DPA) engine that allows both enterprises and service providers to scale to understand and manage the user experience.

ASI technology dynamically tracks, captures and analyzes complex service delivery transactions across multi-domain IP networks allowing real-time analysis of the performance of applications and services across physical and virtual environments. ASI technology increases the speed of detecting and troubleshooting service delivery problems across distributed service delivery architectures such as cloud-based services, enterprise data centers and branch and remote offices.

The network is the single common platform that interconnects all elements of infrastructure, services and the user. Consequently, network traffic has emerged as a powerful source to understanding the user experience across complex IP service delivery environments.

Since traffic crossing an IP network carries the actual services and applications that a user consumes, it provides an inherently rich and contextual perspective of service interrelationships and their dependencies that more closely represents the user’s experience than element monitoring or traditional application monitoring tools can.

However, as new media-rich services drive increased traffic volumes and accelerate the adoption of 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet, scaling to process, and analyzing and storing IP traffic in real time is becoming increasingly more difficult. This challenge is further exacerbated by increasing network and application complexity such as multi-tier application architectures, server virtualization and the increasing levels of physical and virtual multi-domain traffic flows driven by cloud-based services.

ASI technology transforms the power of the nGenius solution’s Deep Packet Analysis by addressing the challenges associated with growing traffic volumes, increased service complexity and emerging multi-domain service delivery models. Using adaptive application recognition, ASI technology constructs “intelligent signatures” of user sessions to fully visualize the interrelated transactions occurring within a specific session for visibility into complex multi-tier, multi-domain service delivery environments.

ASI technology dramatically increases the scale, depth and speed of the nGenius solution’s analysis velocity by performing granular data mining as traffic is captured. This enables greater performance at scale while reducing the need for extensive back-end processing – allowing for the instant retrieval of session-oriented metrics and more flexible real-time analysis.

ASI technology is dynamic and fully customizable for individual business requirements allowing for easy adaptation to specialized business-specific or vertical applications and services. ASI technology is architected to support next generation network technologies such as 40 and 100 Gigabit network interfaces and IP technologies such as IPv6, IMS, Video, VoIP and telepresence to allow for seamless support for new technology adoption by both enterprise and service provider customers.

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