Go Daddy offers vulnerability site scanning tool

A lot of the news concerning Internet domain registrar and Web hosting company Go Daddy that we covered lately had to do with compromised sites hosted on its servers.

And that’s probably the reason why the company decided to create its own Site Scanner, which scans forms, login and password fields, internal and external links on the site, and looks for 3,000+ vulnerabilities every day, so that attackers can’t steal customer information, infect them or deface the website.

Users can customize the Scanner to make daily scans, and if it detects anything, they are notified via e-mail. They can then access the online dashboard and see the details, check out suggested remedies and if that doesn’t work – request help from the Go Daddy security team via e-mail or phone.

When the threat is fixed – or the scan doesn’t detect any – you can put a Go Daddy Website Protection seal containing the date of the last scan on your website. The seal is automatically updated with every successfully finished scan, but if a vulnerability is detected and is not dealt with within 72 hours, the seal is removed.

Site Scanner is offered as an additional service to Go Daddy customers for $9.99 per month.

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