Kids lured to scam site by promises of parental control bypassing

The latest scam to hit Facebook users is one that supposedly offers a completely free proxy service for those who want to bypass parental controls and blocks set up by schools and at workplaces that prevent users from accessing certain sites such as Facebook.

The campaign is specifically targeting kids, luring them into trying out the service located at hxxp:// to access Facebook in school.

Of course, when the victims visit the website they can’t find the advertised service. Sunbelt researchers have poked around the site and discovered a veritable trove of various scamming attempts.

The victims are faced with an affiliate site containing malware, surveys, quizzes, offers for free iPhones that will try to get them to subscribe to a premium rate service or sign up for spam.

If you have children and they are permitted to have an account on a social networking site, this might be a good idea to chat with them about the various bogus offers that are lurking on those sites.

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