Tips to protect yourself from Cyber Monday threats

On the Monday after Thanksgiving, more than 100 million Americans will be using their computers and network connections to search for deals and start their holiday shopping, unaware of the risk they pose to their employer and themselves.

PhishMe offers these safety tips:

Don’t take candy from strangers.. Be suspicious of unsolicited offers or emails, even if the email is personalized to you.

If it seems uncharacteristic, check with the source. Phishers are getting smarter about using known contacts or corporate brands to trick people into sharing information or clicking links. Beware.

Don’t provide your username or password in an email or over the phone. Your corporate IT department will NEVER ask you for this information through these channels.

Don’t click links you don’t understand, unless you want to lose company data or worse yet – your identity.

Confirm the source of file attachments to emails (out of band) before opening them. File attachments are one of the most reliable mechanisms of propagating malware.

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