Malicious Kodak Galleries used for serving Trojan

A variant of a highly specialized Trojan has appeared on fake sites mimicking Kodak Gallery pages, where potential victims are urged to download software that would supposedly allow them to watch the offered slideshow, but actually creates a folder with configuration files and copies a few executables into the System32 folder.

But before doing that, it actually does show the users a slideshow of car pictures, which acts as a smokescreen in order to hide the malicious activity.

Further research by Sunbelt‘s experts reveals that the fact that the pictures are of a car might not be so random. The Bayrob Trojan – of which this is a variant – has had a history of targeting eBay users, especially those buying motors and cars since that means that bigger amounts of money are involved. The Trojan spoofs various eBay pages and tries to trick the users into parting with their money.

This particular variant has a very low detection rate, so be careful when checking out links that you find on forums or receive in spam e-mails – or even in e-mails and instant messages seemingly coming from a friend.

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