L0phtCrack 7: The next level of password auditing and recovery

New WAF attack timelines show the start and end of a threat.
No more logs. See how →

L0phtCrack is one of the most used tools by security professionals worldwide. After years of inactivity, version 6 was released in 2009 and development hasn’t halted since.

In the video below, L0phtCrack co-author Christien Rioux talks about the upcoming version and introduces some of the new features:

  • A new reporting engine
  • Live graphs drill-down
  • A pluggable extensible system
  • Graphics card-based cracking acceleration
  • XML, PDF exporting.

To get more background information on L0phtCrack, the development process and evolution, read our interview with core team member Chris Wysopal.

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