Deploy, maintain and manage data security protection

WinMagic released SecureDoc 5, the full-disk encryption solution that allows organizations to integrate data protection with existing security policies to protect sensitive data in any Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS X Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard and/or Linux environment.

The solution features a single integrated enterprise console for policies and profiles which provides support for Windows OPAL Self-Encrypting Drives (SED), full-disk and file folder encryption, removable media encryption, portable and secure USB encryption (no additional software installation or administration access rights required) and Intel Anti-Theft Technology.

SecureDoc makes easy to centrally-manage self-encrypting drives, including Seagate Drive Trust Momentus hard drives and Opal compliant drives and also makes it simple for organizations to deploy sector-based full-disk encryption, file-and-folder encryption, container encryption and self-extractor encryption.

And, in the event that a password is forgotten or the user is unavailable, SecureDoc utilizes centralized escrow and management of encryption keys to ensure critical data can be accessed.

The solution enables administrators to create and securely share key files (or encryption policies) as well as link SES profiles with specific users or specific Windows/Mac devices – making it easy to ensure compliance with security policies when sharing data with co-workers, clients and customers. Additionally, SecureDoc’s audit functionality enables administrators to track data security down to the individual user or device level.

SecureDoc includes enhanced features for Mac OS X users, including Password Synchronization; support for self-help, challenge/response data recovery; an automatic encryption option for removable media that expedites conversion time; an Auto Login (AutoBoot) feature; and the OS Picker, which enables access to an external recovery/repair CD/DVD from an encrypted Mac.

New productivity-enhancing user features include built-in wizards which enable users to customize personal settings to make it easy to securely transfer data between their desktop/laptop and their removable media as well as functionality which enables users to “drag-and-drop’ files in and out of encrypted Windows, Mac and Linux folders.

Productivity is further enhanced by a portable secure media viewer which allows third-party users with the correct password to securely view files or folders on a USB without key files, additional software installation or admin access rights.

New File Folder Encryption (FFE) for USB devices enables organizations to combine FDE with FFE to maximize Personal Identifiable Information (PII) security. Once granted exclusive or shared access to a secure folder, a SecureDoc client can encrypt folders on the local or network drive – enabling users that share a unique group key to securely share files and folders without a password – to maximize both security and productivity.

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