Secure network access for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

F5 Networks announced that its BIG-IP Edge Client app and BIG-IP Edge Portal app are now available at the App Store. These apps provide iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users with convenient, secure, and accelerated access to corporate materials and ensure IT teams can confidently support both corporate and personal devices.

These apps allow organizations to:

Provide secure access for corporate and personal devices to enhance productivity

Historically, IT and helpdesk staff have been called on to support both managed and unmanaged devices in the corporate environment. Without direct control of endpoints, IT risked alienating users by limiting support to certain corporate devices, or accepted the consequences of granting unsecured access to company resources.

BIG-IP apps address this need by providing secure, managed access to corporate resources from iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch via F5 access solutions. With these apps, IT teams can broaden their support of user devices and help keep employees productive.

Ensure corporate systems uphold security and compliance requirements

The new apps enable F5’s BIG-IP Access Policy Manager, BIG-IP Edge Gateway, and FirePass products to provide flexible, policy-based access capabilities for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. This allows IT to extend the proper level of access to corporate resources for specific groups or employees.

In addition, F5’s security, logging, and accounting capabilities help ensure that access to company materials adheres to the organization’s specific policies as well as any applicable industry compliance mandates. As an example, F5’s dynamic access policy capabilities enable customers to firewall access based on user identity, endpoint context, geolocation, and the user’s directory attributes.

Improve mobile user performance with accelerated client access

Data center consolidation efforts coupled with the growing use of mobile devices continues to put more physical distance between users and corporate data. F5’s BIG-IP Edge Gateway solution optimizes access between clients, gateways, and data centers, enabling iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users to enjoy optimized performance regardless of location.

By leveraging technologies like acceleration and compression to improve performance levels, these apps enable users to enjoy a superior experience. F5 solutions combine to deliver 2-8x better application performance than competing products.

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