McAfee provides unified endpoint management

McAfee released Enterprise Mobility Management 9.5 which includes integration with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform, providing customers with unified management of their endpoint, network and data security products.

The end-to-end visibility and control provided by the McAfee ePO platform will help IT administrators dramatically strengthen their protection and drive down the cost and complexity of managing their risk and security.

Additional new features and benefits include:

Enterprise app store – Businesses can now offer recommended applications through a secure enterprise app store, while maintaining complete visibility into the applications that reside on these employee-owned devices

Enhanced iOS4 support – McAfee EMM software features a full API set for mobile device management, allowing IT administrators the ability to create a list of recommended applications-based parameters such as the user and their roles and responsibilities, and sub-lists, which can be sent to individuals or groups

Enhanced PKI capabilities – McAfee now offers PKI capabilities through the Microsoft Certificate Authority, providing strong authentication for devices accessing the corporate network. Smartphones and tablets can now connect to the network VPN using client certificates, in the same way as laptops.

Support for the Android tablet – In addition to support for the Android 2.2 and Motorola Droid Pro, McAfee EMM software now extends support for Android 2.3 and offers full support for Android-based tablets

Enhanced Lotus Domino support – Lotus Domino users using Lotus Traveller 8.5.2 can now leverage the unique capabilities of McAfee EMM software.

McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management software lets companies extend the data center to smartphones and tablets in the same way that they do so for laptops, leveraging the native capabilities of the device and the enterprise IT infrastructure to deliver native applications. The McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management solution – with its scalable server-centric architecture – lets organizations manage the next generation of mobile devices with the same security, control, and visibility they have with their other endpoints.

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