Toolkit merging Zeus and SpyEye already on the market?

When the alleged Zeus-SpyEye merger became news last October, a lot of people wondered what new capabilities we could expect of this new toolkit.

According to McAfee’s Francois Paget, we can stop guessing – the latest version if the SpyEye toolkit has seemingly been offered on sale on the black market:

New or improved capabilities include: ZeuS killing, cookies and session cleaning, brute force password breaking, Jabber notification, VNC module, auto-spreading, auto-update, unique stub generator for FUD and evasion, and a new screenshot system – all for $800.

There is no proof that the offer is true, since the source code is not available for testing, and Paget himself casts a doubt on the veracity of the offer by comparing the price with one that was asked by the SpyEye maker from a buyer back in November and reached $4,000 for the complete package.

“Of course, only when we discover a sample of this malware will we know for certain that it is now in the wild,” he concludes.

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