Free e-book: Web Application Security for Dummies

Qualys announced that it has published a new comprehensive free guide on Web Application Scanning (WAS) to help readers understand web application security – including how to quickly find and fix vulnerabilities in web applications.

Today more and more people are transacting business, conducting research, storing information, collaborating with co-workers, publishing personal thoughts and fostering relationships using web applications. Because the bulk of processing occurs on servers accessed through remote web sites, a vulnerability in a web application could give an attacker control over the application and access to the server, database and other back-end resources.

As a result, unfortunately, web applications are an attractive target for hackers and vulnerabilities are now among the most prevalent of all server vulnerability disclosures. The new “WAS for Dummies” book provides information on how to scan for vulnerabilities to proactively keep data in web applications secure.

“WAS for Dummies” outlines the process in five parts:

  • Why Web Security Matters, providing a primer on the importance of web application security.
  • Establishing a Web Application Security Program, presenting a framework of actions you can take to find and fix vulnerabilities in custom web applications.
  • Using Automated Scanning to Test Web Applications. This section provides a guide to choosing and using a scanner to automatically find and prioritize web application vulnerabilities.
  • Introducing QualysGuard WAS, describing the ease and simplicity of using a popular web application scanner from Qualys.
  • Ten Tips for Securing Web Applications. This last section provides a short list of steps to ensure stronger security for custom web applications.

“WAS for Dummies” is Qualys’ fourth book in John Wiley & Sons’ for Dummies publications. To learn more about these publications or to download free copies, visit:

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