Biometric cabinet lock detects “life in the finger”

Black Box announced it is demonstrating its Intelli-Pass Biometric Access Control for Cabinets at the RSA Conference.

The solution is a complete software-controlled security system and features a fingerprint sensor on the front of the cabinet, allowing access to both the front and rear doors.

A key competitive differentiator for the product is its ability to detect “life in the finger.” The Intelli-Pass system detects blood flow, eliminating methods for spoofing fingerprints such as making photocopies or transferring fingerprint imprints to gloves.

Suitable for multiple environments, the cabinet lock is a perfect solution for facilities in the military, government, educational, financial, and healthcare realms.

Innovative features include usage of electric locks, which offer strengthened protection against unauthorized entry. An internal battery backup provides clients with additional security during power failures, and LED lights on the front of the cabinet provide clear indications of cabinet status.

The access control for the cabinet is an integrated component of Black Box’s complete Intelli-Pass product suite. Companies can control real-time access to Intelli-Pass guarded doors and cabinets using the same software interface.

Black Box’s software audits all access to the cabinets, providing clients with a clear trail to monitor usage. Control of all enrollment and management functions for cabinet access can be handled from a single desktop in real time.

The Intelli-Pass powered Biometric Cabinet Lock provides facilities with an extra layer of security through the elimination of physical keys and keycards which can be lost, stolen, or mismanaged,” said Brian Kutchma, VP of sales and marketing for Black Box.

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