Cloud encryption software for private cloud infrastructures

CREDANT announced the beta program for its cloud encryption software for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) private cloud infrastructures.

With this launch, the company enables organizations to control and enforce security whether corporate data is located in private, hybrid or public cloud infrastructures. The cloud security platform provides a data security approach that enables granular encryption, access control and key management that allows enterprises to protect against insider threat, including from the cloud provider itself.

The company’s approach is to protect data itself rather than protecting specific volumes, drives or devices. Its encryption technology is automated, centrally managed and policy-based, providing real-time protection and peace-of-mind for enterprise and government customers with sensitive data.

The solution will enable businesses and government organizations to deploy private cloud infrastructures as part of their long-term roadmap to full cloud utilization by putting data security in the control of the enterprise—not the cloud administrator.

By enabling the IT security organization to control encryption of critical data on cloud platforms centrally, and in a way that is fully integrated with other data protection and encryption solutions already in place, organizations can safely embrace private, hybrid and public cloud computing models with the knowledge that their data is safe from co-tenants, hackers and malicious insiders.

The CREDANT cloud security platform:

  • Effectively eliminates the risk of an insider (either within the organization or working for an outsourced provider) accessing or stealing sensitive data;
  • Provides granular access to decrypted information to the authorized user only while administrators (local and third-party) access only the system and not the protected data;
  • Enables seamless management of data security on physical infrastructure, mobile devices, removable media, private clouds, VDIs, and hybrid/public cloud models, in a way that is transparent to users; and,
  • Prevents unprotected data leakage to removable media while enabling secure usage and control of removable storage.

Organizations can register to participate in the beta program here.

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