Control physical and virtual machines on a network

Shavlik Technologies announced solutions that provide an approach to controlling all physical and virtual machines on a network. The company introduced NetChk Protect 7.8 and NetChk vProtect, which are optimized for virtualized environments.

In addition, Shavlik is enabling a migration path as VMware moves OS and application patching out of its vCenter solution.

While virtualization is growing in popularity, it can also lead to challenges, especially for SMBs. One recent phenomenon, VM sprawl, stems from the ease of which virtual machines can be created without the knowledge of IT administrators. If machines exist without the proper monitoring, which currently is impossible if an unaccounted for machine is turned off, businesses risk the attachment of unknown machines and software applications that can jeopardize network security.

Shavlik is providing solutions that simplify virtualization management by allowing IT staff, including all users of VMware virtual machines, to control all physical and virtual machines connected to a network, regardless of their operating state.

Shavlik’s NetChk Protect 7.8 uses an agentless technology to find all VMs that may have been created within an organization’s IT environment. Discovering and patching these VMs (on-line, off-line or templates) provides the power to manage and protect them.

NetChk vProtect becomes the first solution to ease the transition from VMware Update Manager (VUM). Shavlik is currently offering one free CPU license (10 seats) with the purchase of NetChk vProtect. Additional licenses start at $450.00 for a 3 CPU license (per year). The product is available in early March 2011.

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