Nessus 4.4.1 released

The Nessus vulnerability scanner features high-speed discovery, configuration auditing, asset profiling, sensitive data discovery and vulnerability analysis of your security posture.

Nessus 4.4.1 is a point release, containing several enhancements and minor bug fixes.

rom a user perspective, there is a new feature that allows the SYN scanner to be selectively throttled. A new setting, nessus_syn_scanner.global_throughput.max can be added to the nessusd.conf file. The option sets the maximum number of packets per second that Nessus will send during a SYN port scan (regardless of how many hosts are scanned in parallel).

In addition, several enhancements and bug fixes are included:

  • When qdb_mem_usage is set to “High” (default), if Nessus fails to allocate enough memory to store the plugins DB, it switches to the “low” usage mode, instead of aborting
  • The packet forgery subsystem is more scalable, which leads to faster network discovery (among other things)
  • Consistency in characters permitted between command line user management and Nessus Web GUI
  • MAC addresses now show up in .nessus v1 files
  • Report generation speed has been improved
  • Custom plugins handle the import() function better (they work now)
  • The Nessus “generic” Linux build is now statically linked
  • SuSE 11 now supported (32 and 64 bit platforms)
  • The Ubuntu 10.10 builds now contain their own version of OpenSSL (Ubuntu silently disabled support for SSLv2)
  • Fixed a Solaris “hang” issue happening during some scans
  • Additional enhancements and bug fixes to the SYN Port Scanner
  • Enhancements and bug fixes to several NASL functions, memory management (Linux, Win32) and Win32 robustness.
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