Prevent an interruption to cloud services

AEP Networks responded to the concerns over the loss of connectivity to cloud-based applications by launching a communications platform that automatically diverts cloud communications to other available networks in the event of a problem with a primary internet connection.

Its Secure Communications Optimised Packet Engine (SCOPE) enables organizations to switch between terrestrial, radio, satellite, WiFi and 3G networks based on availability and performance requirements. Crucially, organizations reliant on access to applications in the cloud can be assured of availability during times of disruption to their own internet link.

While the adoption of cloud-based applications is attractive, organizations need assurances that their employees will be able to access critical applications in the cloud anytime, anywhere without compromising the integrity of the communication. SCOPE offers an optimized link to the cloud in the event of a failure of an organization’s primary link.

SCOPE also enables organizations to prioritize time-sensitive traffic such as voice and video that share an inter-office link with non-time-sensitive traffic such as email, by ensuring that data does not consume all of the bandwidth. It achieves this by employing advanced traffic management technology which detects the presence of time-sensitive applications and ensures that the data is controlled so it does not monopolise the available bandwidth.

This ensures that toll-quality voice is delivered across the link regardless of the data being transferred. It also provides automatic end-to-end enhanced grade encryption to ensure that confidential data isn’t intercepted when entering or leaving the corporate network.

Key features of SCOPE include:

Connectivity – the best network is automatically selected based on rules set by the administrator. SCOPE ensures that expensive networks are only activated when required so that unnecessary charges are avoided.

Encryption – ensures that data is kept private, even if a remote user is using a public connection through enhanced grade encryption.

Availability – SCOPE is available as an office workgroup solution that supports multiple users who need to set up data, voice and video communications in a remote and often temporary location and as a single user solution for individuals travelling outside the office.

Remote configuration and support – significantly reduces deployment time, automates installation and eliminates the requirement for onsite visits by engineers.

Optimised web browsing – to improve web browsing response time and to decrease the amount of bandwidth used, the SCOPE platform has an integrated web proxy caching module. This module caches frequently requested web pages to eliminate the need to download content multiple times over slow links.

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