Network metering and forensics tool Trisul gets new UI

Trisul is a Linux based application that passively listens to network traffic and tracks a number of traffic metrics across all layers. It correlates these traffic metrics with raw flow data and full packet captures. You can even add in alerts from an IDS to complete the picture.

You can download Trisul and run it completely free. No nags or crippled functionality. However, only the most recent 3-days are available for analysis in the free version.

The key advantages of the new user interface are:

  • A more natural left menu
  • The menu remembers expanded and selected state of items
  • The menu can be collapsed or expanded at any time by pressing the edge of the menu or Ctrl+M
  • Use of a color scheme and better use of CSS padding and elimination of unnecessary gradients
  • You can switch back to the plain black and white user interface via Customize -> UI -> Themes.

Trisul can accept Netflow v5 and v9 records and also all versions of SFlow. It can handle tens of thousands of flows per second thanks to the high performance native server. A new tool called “Routers and Interfaces” allows you to drilldown into interface level activity – while still maintaining an overall network level view.

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