Secure Belkin keyboard-video-mouse switch

Belkin released its new line of Advanced Secure Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) switches that provide a host of new features, including innovative data path isolation.

The new Advanced Secure KVM switches are designed specifically for the defense and intelligence communities and allow access to multiple systems and different classes of networks from a single user console.

Government agencies accessing sensitive data face the constant struggle of securing information and eliminating data breaches that threaten national security. Through the adoption of Secure KVM switches, agencies can limit malicious threats by isolating secure and unsecure networks at the user’s desktop.

KVM switches inherently create vulnerabilities by bringing multiple PCs together and, without dedicated processors for each port, users introduce the chance of data transfer, or leakage, between PCs. Belkin’s entire line of Secure KVM products eliminate shared resources between ports, thereby isolating data to a single PC.

Exceeding currently available technology, Belkin’s new Advanced Secure KVM switches utilize optical data diodes (beams of light) to ensure single direction data paths.

Employing optics, rather than electronic circuits or firmware, the optical data diode ensures that data flows only from approved peripheral devices (keyboard, mouse, data card readers) to the selected PC. This design guarantees that in the event of a breach, infected secure networks cannot transfer secret information to an unsecured network via measured state change delays of the peripherals.

Belkin’s Advanced Secure KVM switches are currently undergoing National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria validation to EAL2 and to the latest Protection Profile, version 2.1.

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