GFI MailEssentials Complete released

GFI Software launched GFI MailEssentials Complete, an anti-spam, anti-phishing and email security solution for SMBs which gives organizations an email security solution they can deploy using the delivery model of their choice, whether on premise, as a physical or virtual appliance or as a hosted service.

“SMBs are demanding in how they deploy email security solutions. They want a solution that best meets their needs and best works within their IT infrastructure,” said Alex Eckelberry, general manager of GFI’s Security Business Unit. “Whether it’s on-premise software installed on the mail server, a physical or virtual gateway appliance, a hosted service or a hybrid of all delivery models, organizations want increased flexibility, continuity and redundancy from their email security strategies. With MailEssentials Complete, we are providing customers with access to solutions how they want them.”

The increasing volume of email-borne threats — coupled with an organization’s need to balance security and infrastructure costs — is a growing burden on administrators looking to find the optimum and most cost-effective approach to email security.

Flexibility is key to fully servicing the SMB security market. Research conducted last year by GFI shows that nearly 35 percent of SMBs surveyed use a combination of email security on an internal mail server and at the gateway. More than 40 percent agree that it is good security practice to run multiple security solutions in their organization.

Nearly 40 percent of SMBs, however, rate themselves as “neutral” to “not satisfied” with their existing solution, and a quarter indicated that they are looking to add a gateway device or SaaS offering to augment or to replace an existing solution.

Additionally, Osterman Research earlier this year found that a combination of physical and virtual servers was the preferred approach for managing email servers.

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