Free tool protects against harmful links

Today website owners, bloggers and forum administrators are faced with many security concerns that can get in the way of what they really want to be doing – which is producing content.

Being on guard against the spam, trolls, harmful and unwanted links in user generated web content that can lead to reputation loss or lost bandwidth presents an additional headache which site owners can well do without.

Harmful links are particularly an issue on sites serving user generated content, where just one bad link can hurt a site’s reputation and even lead to blacklisting by search engines.

F-Secure Safe Links offers site owners a time-saving free tool against the disreputable links that can lead visitors to fraud, scams and malware. It automatically analyses each link for each page load by accessing F-Secure’s real-time cloud-based reputation service, which is constantly collecting information about dangerous sites around the world. It informs site visitors whether the links on the site are safe or not with a simple color coded system.

Pirkka Palom?¤ki, Chief Technology Officer from F-Secure says, “While Facebook and Twitter have become the focus for social media security issues, it is important to remember that harmful links affect all sites with user generated content, whether they are high profile or not. Safe Links is an easy and effective way for owners of blogs, forums and other sites and web services to protect readers and safeguard their good reputation. Site owners no longer have to spend valuable time worrying about harmful links.”

As a beta program Safe Links is a free service, a partnership that benefits site owners and helps F-Secure learn more about their concerns and needs going forward. Join the beta program here.

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