Disk encryption is an IT security priority

As data protection mandates become stricter and high profile instances of data loss proliferate in the media, a new survey by DigitalPersona found that 67 percent of respondents hold disk encryption to be an IT security priority.

Although it’s encouraging that most businesses are making encryption a priority, it’s vital that they understand how to implement it effectively.

Given the proliferation of devices these days, with notebooks outselling desktop computers, it’s pointless only to encrypt centrally-held data.

It’s simply not enough to protect sensitive and confidential information in one place if you’re going to ignore all the copies and pieces of data that are replicated on devices across the business.

While large enterprises may have the resources to implement effective and comprehensive disk encryption on all devices, smaller organizations have traditionally reported difficulty finding encryption that is affordable and easy to implement.

The survey also found that more than two in five respondents (42 percent) were interested in biometrics for network access control.

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