Layered approach to enterprise data security

GreenSQL launched its Enterprise Edition for Unified Database Security which offers security, caching, auditing and masking in one package, ensuring that enterprise databases are protected from internal and external threats in real-time, while improving performance and facilitating database security policy compliance.

GreenSQL’s all-in-one approach offers a suite of security, performance and compliance capabilities for SQL databases including: database firewall, database activity monitoring, before-and-after change logs, virtual patching, SQL Injection protection, separation of duties, masking sensitive information and faster access speeds.

Security – Monitors all database activity, alerting and blocking any unauthorized behavior or database attacks. The powerful firewall enables organizations to define clear separation of duties and protects the database from internal as well as external threats.

Caching – Accelerates the database response time, enhancing the user experience.

Auditing – Provides a database activity log, with a before and after view. The advanced reporting capabilities and real-time alerts engine enable the enforcement of regulation compliance (PCI, SOX and HIPPA).

Masking – Masks sensitive information, such as credit card numbers and Personal Identity Information (PII).

“Database security has become the front-line in the battle against information breaches and theft,” said Amir Sadeh, CEO of GreenSQL. “Comprehensive, yet flexible, layered solutions are the only way to protect against all types of attacks. GreenSQL’s software-based Unified Database Security solutions protect the enterprise from imminent threats, enhancing performance and security compliance in the process.”

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