Privacy and data breach solutions for healthcare

Today, data breach in healthcare is a surreptitious threat, with a data breach in healthcare occurring every two days.

Complicated by federal and state governments regulating and scrutinizing the privacy of patients’ protected health information (PHI), healthcare organizations are challenged by time, people, and expertise needed to assess privacy risks, prepare for a breach, and meet complex compliance regulations.

ID Experts is offering Complete Data Breach Care, services and technology intended to help healthcare organizations with privacy risks and compliance associated with data breach incidents.


  • Risk Assessment: identify where PHI is stored, how it should be protected, and what’s at stake should it be compromised; BreachHealthCheck online self-assessment tool that enables organizations to measure their data breach exposure and protection
  • Mitigation and Compliance: HIPAA employee training, policy and procedure development; proactive approach to compliance
  • Breach Preparedness: custom, ready-to-execute, Incident Response Plans; RADAR secure web-based tool to standardize compliance with HITECH burden of proof, documenting and reporting privacy incidents.


  • Breach Analysis: digital forensics; root cause discovery, chain of evidence preservation, and incident risk assessment
  • Notification and Reporting: ID Experts has knowledge of sensitive populations; supports 80+ languages and can notify 500,000 patients a day to fulfill compliance requirements
  • Monitoring and Recovery: cyber, identity and credit monitoring with FraudStop, Healthcare Identity Protection Toolkit, and reimbursement insurance; fully managed recovery approach.

While breach preparedness may not be on a CIO’s, CPO’s, and CISO’s immediate to-do list, a risk assessment is a smart way to reduce the potential of a data breach from happening. Not only is a risk assessment required to comply with various federal and state laws, it is an effective way to identify vulnerabilities and gaps in security and privacy programs. Risk assessments cost less than 1% of the average cost of a data breach.

Fines also play a factor if there is a delay in breach response and the notification to individuals. When a breach is suspected, organizations need answers fast.

ID Experts offers digital forensics analysis, to determine the root cause of the incident and what PHI was lost, who was affected so the organization can determine if notification is required.

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