What’s your online reputation?

A new survey found that an almost equal number of respondents claim no negative information exists about them on the Internet while the other half has no idea if damaging info exists and doesn’t keep tabs on their online reputation, according to Avira and Ruflotse.

The following survey question was presented to Avira’s 100 million customers worldwide during May, 2011: “Be honest; is there any unpleasant or potentially damaging information about you on the Internet?”. 1,555 of them responded, this is what they said:

40% – No, there is no negative information about me on the Internet.
36% – No idea, I’ve never monitored whether anything bad about me exists.
15% – Yes, unfortunately. If I knew how to do it, I would delete the information right away.
6% – Yes, but I don’t really care. It doesn’t bother me.
4% – Not any longer – I erased all the information.

Avira’s Travis Witteveen commented:

This survey highlighted the two main groups of Internet users: those that care about their online reputation and those that don’t bother to keep track. It’s critical to know what information exists about you online because if it’s negative it can damage your reputation, and not knowing isn’t much of an excuse in this generation of instant information.

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