Massive sentence for Wi-Fi hacking neighbor

The Kostolnik family’s nightmare is over – the neighbor that has hacked into their Wi-Fi network and misused the access for terrorizing them has been sentenced to 18 years in prison.

The 46-year-old Barry Ardolf, a former Medronic computer technician, started his campaign against the Kostolniks after they reported to the police that he kissed their 4-year-old son on the lips.

Ardolf decided to get even by framing them for possession and publication of child pornography by setting up a fake MySpace page in the husband’s name and publishing an offending photo on it, for sexual harassment by breaking into the husband’s mail account and sending lewd emails to his female coworkers, and for making death threats to politicians.

According to Wired, once the husband’s coworkers reported the offending emails and he denied having sent them, the law firm for which he was working engaged a computer forensic investigator to look into the matter.

When they found evidence that Ardolf was involved, they contacted the FBI who then searched Ardolf’s house and found further evidence of his guilt. What’s more, they discovered evidence of him having engaged in a similar campaign against previous neighbors.

“Barry Ardolf has demonstrated by his conduct that he is a dangerous man. When he became angry at his neighbors, he vented his anger in a bizarre and calculated campaign of terror against them,” stated the prosecutor.

I must say that even though this sentence might seem a little excessive, it does warm my heart to know that he didn’t succeed in ruining his neighbors lives and reputation.

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