Anonymous hits US government contractor, law enforcement institutions

It has been a busy few days for hacktivist group Anonymous.

On Friday they released some 400 MB of documents seemingly belonging to US government contractor Mantech, responsible of FBI’s cybersecurity.

“Most of the documents in this first batch are related to NATO who, you may recall, made some bold claims regarding Anonymous earlier this year,” Anonymous commented the data dump, and said that their intention was to show US taxpayers how the contractor wasted the money given by the government.

“All organizations attract cyber threats in our highly networked world,” stated Mantech on its website. “Our practice is generally not to comment on reports involving security related matters. However, given current publicity, we wish to assure our customers, employees, shareholders and business partners that ManTech takes seriously recent reports of a cyber threat, and we responsibly and actively address all sources of information about threats to our information and assets and those of our customers.”

Saturday witnessed Anonymous’ claim that they have attacked over 70 US law enforcement institutions, defaced their website and stolen some 10 GB of data from their servers in retaliation for the recent Anonymous-related arrests.

Included in that batch of stolen information are (among other things) mail spools; usernames, passwords, social security numbers, home addresses and phone numbers of over 7000 officers, a list of hundreds of police informers and a great number of internal police academy training files.

The files are to be released bit by bit, and 7,000 law enforcement officials’ private information has already been made public.

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