Free password reset self service solution for SMBs

Nervepoint Technologies announces the launch of Access Manager Self Service, a free Password Self Service solution for SMBs. With almost zero-configuration, the service enables companies and IT support to maximize the cost benefits immediately.

With support for Active Directory, Access Manager Self Service provides account password reset and account unlocking to end users overseen by a simple, clear dashboard for the administrator.

More and more businesses are spreading out across the globe, employment costs are cheaper and companies benefit from a 24 hour operation. However IT support is one area that has not benefited. With IT support still centralized they must now support employees across different timezones. Optus was recently reported to be spending $300,000 a month just on password resets.

Nervepoint Access Manager Self Service can help reduce some of this load by automating employee password administration. With its simple interface and auto-configuration it means IT support can start up the VM and within minutes begin benefiting. Employees also benefit as it means no more help desk tickets or waiting until IT support working hours begin.

Key features include:

  • Packaged as a VM for easy installation
  • Provides user managed password reset and account unlocking
  • Email notifications sent to inform employees to set personal answers
  • Integrates with Active Directory
  • Auto-discovery of AD on network
  • Simple and informative administrative dashboard
  • Reconcile and reconfiguration of user database
  • Support of AD complexity rules
  • Message template modification.

To download a copy of the service, go TEXThere.

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