Parental control software for smartphones

Code9 Mobile launched Code9 Mobile, a smartphone application that enables families to establish acceptable cell phone usage rules so kids learn to use their mobile devices in a responsible way while maintaining a level of privacy.

The application’s alerting system also helps parents jump into action to prevent threatening or potentially dangerous situations, without spying or tediously reading every text message.

Features include real-time GPS location tracking, key word text filtering and analysis, access to mobile app download history, and extensive reporting to monitor activities and alerts when mobile rules are broken.

The software also includes customizable “curfew” settings, which are set hours of the day (as determined by the parents), when calls and text messages are not relayed to the phone until the curfew ends. During curfew times, the “white list” contacts can always access the child’s phone.

Code9 Mobile also includes online summary reports that chronicle the times of day children are most using their phones, the most frequent correspondents, one-sided messages, unknown contacts, and the nature and frequency of selected key words or phrases, so parents have the tools to spot potential problems and threats.

Code9 Mobile is designed to operate on smartphones with Android 2.0+ and Blackberry 5.0+. All Code9 Mobile accounts come with a 14-day free trial and the price for all features and services is only $10 a month per phone.

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