Social networking users becoming privacy aware

A vast majority of computer users do not post vacation memories via social networks, according to a recent survey by Avira.

During a June 2011 survey of its customers, overwhelmingly 64 percent of respondents either don’t use social networks in any form to publish vacation information (44%), or they make a conscious decision not to post any vacation pictures or other information on social networks (20.7%).

Twenty-two percent of those surveyed share vacation information only with their closest friends, while 13 percent of respondents post all types of information and make it available to everyone.

The vacation information survey was presented to Avira’s website visitors during June. Do you share your vacation memories via social networks?

  • 44% – No, I don’t use social networks.
  • 20.7% – No. Where and when I am on vacation has no place on any social network.
  • 22.2% – Yes, but I only share selected content with only with my closest friends.
  • 13.1% – Yes, of course I do. Everything from preparation to the vacation itself including lots of photos and maybe a movie.

2,559 respondents with a margin of error of +/- 1.94 percent.

“The battle for information privacy is an ongoing concern, so it is refreshing to see that most of those who responded to our vacation information survey are wise enough not to give out information too liberally about when they are away from their homes or where they’re going,” said Travis Witteveen, COO Market & Operations from Avira. “We know that the bad guys troll the Web for personal information which can be exploited, so it’s a good policy to just say “no’ to providing too much personal information on social networking sites.”

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