Gordon Ramsey says father in law hacked into his email

UK celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey claims that Chris Hutcheson – the father of his wife and former chief executive of his global restaurant business – has hacked into his personal and business email accounts after using a keylogger to steal the passwords.

He also accuses him of having illegally appropriated £1.42  million from the company bank account and of having used his position in the company to put his wife and son on the company payroll.

According to the Daily Mail, the writ presented at the High Court details how Hutchinson hired computer expert Kevin Fung to help him hack into the accounts, and that after he was fired, Ramsey employed a team of computer forensic experts to gather up evidence about it and other illegal activities Hutchinson has allegedly been involved in.

Also according to the writ, the forensic experts discovered over 1,800 screenshots of the computer screen of Jennifer Aves-Eliott, Ramsey’s personal assistant, taken by the installed spyware.

Apart from his father in law, Ramsay also accuses the rest of Hutchinson’s family – his wife, daughter, son, daughter in law, and another former employee of Ramsey’s thought to be Hutchinson’s mistress – of having participated in the scheme to defraud him and his business, but they all deny having had anything to do with it.

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