StealthWatch 6.1 adds internal and external monitoring capabilities

Lancope released a new version of its monitoring platform, the StealthWatch System 6.1. This version increases both the amount and types of flow data that can be processed by the system to deliver even higher levels of network visibility, performance and security.

It includes the StealthWatch FlowCollector 4000, which features scalability – up to 120,000 flows per second (fps) per collector – to keep up with the rise in flow data among today’s enterprises.

The FlowCollector 4000 increases the maximum monitoring capacity of the StealthWatch System to three million fps, and also includes extensible storage capabilities of up to four TB, while still fitting into a 2U footprint.

Version 6.1 also integrates in-depth intelligence from the internal network with the behavioral analysis of flow data from perimeter devices. By combining internal and external network monitoring, the system delivers contextual awareness for improving network and security operations.

The StealthWatch System harnesses the power of NetFlow and other flow data from existing network devices to provide visibility into network traffic. StealthWatch fills in the gaps between other network and security technologies to uncover not only zero-day attacks that bypass perimeter defenses, but also internal threats.

The system eliminates network blind spots, cuts network and security management costs and dramatically expedites troubleshooting across physical and virtual environments.

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