Nokia Developer forum hacked

The Nokia Developer forum has been hacked and its main page modified to redirect to another page where the individual behind the hack left his mark:

The forum is now back in Nokia’s possession and is no longer redirecting users to the aforementioned page, reports ??bergizmo.

There has been no word yet from the company on whether any information was stolen following the breach, but users are advised to change their forum passwords and the passwords on other accounts if they used the same one, just in case.

If I were to judge by the tone of the hacker’s message and the “No Dumping, No Leaking!” part of the text, I would have to say that this feels like a hacking simply for the fun and credit. If I’m right, this could be a handy wake up call for the company, without all the ramifications and losses that a full-blown, malicious attack against its systems would entail.

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