Domscheit-Berg says WikiLeaks is lying, new batch of cables released

Following WikiLeaks claim that among the 3,500+ unpublished files destroyed by former WikiLeaks member Daniel Domscheit-Berg were a number of highly sensitive documents including five GB of Bank of America documents, the US no-fly list and US intercept arrangements for over a hundred Internet companies, Domscheit-Berg wrote to Wired in order to point out that WikiLeaks is lying about the contents of the deleted files.

He claims that Assange had taken out of the documents “the stuff he deemed worthy enough”; that the documents did contain the no-fly list in question, but that the list has for a while now been circulating on the Internet; and that the destroyed batch did not contain any of the Bank of America documents, since they were submitted to WikiLeaks before he was even a member.

In the meantime, WikiLeaks has announced the publication of another batch of 35,000 US diplomatic cables, and has asked the public to rifle through them and to reveal their finds on Twitter, followed by the #wlfind hashtag. So far, they have released 5,000 cables or so.

“Of the cables released, 2,170 are from Taiwan, 3,004 are from China, and 349 are from Libya,” reports Kevin Gosztola. “[WikiLeaks] told followers to stay tuned for 4,000 from Israel and that Russia, Venezuela, Indonesia, Syria, Somalia, Bahrain, South Africa, Yemen, Cuba, Germany, Iran, Afghanistan, Poland, France, Turkey, Romania and Rwanda were on the way.”

To see what has been revealed so far, I recommend checking out his blog post and the aforementioned hashtag on Twitter.

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