New Ovum Technology report: Secunia VIM

How do companies operating diverse and wide-ranging systems solve their vulnerability management challenges? Not by using ad hoc tools, according to the new Ovum Technology Report 2011. In fact they state that “There needs be an integrated and inclusive approach that makes use of security intelligence to highlight vulnerabilities and their severity as they occur.”

Under the spotlight in this Ovum report is Secunia’s Vulnerability Intelligence Manager (VIM). It is the proven security management system that provides “accurate, up-to-date vulnerability intelligence” to global IT departments and security teams so that they can take pre-emptive action against vulnerabilities and potential security breaches.

I’d therefore like to share some interesting key findings with you:

  • “Any business that operates a range of IT-based systems and services and regularly needs to perform vulnerability updates and patches would benefit from the intelligence-led vulnerability management services of the Secunia VIM product set.”
  • “Secunia covers all commercial and open source off-the-shelf programs to ensure that it provides its clients with access to a comprehensive range of vulnerability intelligence.”
  • “Unified access to vulnerability intelligence is available, which helps organizations to make the right business decisions while supporting operational efficiency.”

As highlighted by Ovum, many companies have difficulty staying updated with the security requirements necessary for keeping their systems and programs safe and operational. Worryingly, many are relying on various ad hoc sources which can be unreliable and like a minefield to navigate.

Ovum therefore discusses how the Secunia VIM’s immediate alerts, fast threat handling, easy setup, and interaction with other security management tools “consolidate’ these issues into one process.

“The Secunia VIM approach formalizes these ad hoc information gathering processes and is sold to market on the basis of the completeness, timeliness, and efficiency of its verified and accurate information intelligence processes.”

The complete report is available here (registration required).

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