Most trusted source for security training comes to London

In the last 12 months, we have seen a marked rise in hacktivism, financially motivated crime, and potentially state-sponsored cyber attacks. The range of targets has also grown and now the prize has shifted from just credit card data to sensitive information of all kinds.

It is no wonder that SANS’ educational programs have become so vital to IT staff within enterprise, government and the military. The cost of high profile breaches such as RSA, Sony Playstation Network and others expose victims to huge financial losses or reputational damage that may endure for many years.

Training budgets need to be prioritized for IT security as demand for properly certified IT security professionals continues to grow. Organizations of all shapes and sizes are requiring top skills and knowledge at an unprecedented rate.

Even with the tough economic conditions last year, over 400 students attended SANS London 2010 and that figure is likely to increase for 2011 with the event featuring the largest program ever. SANS London 2011 offers 16 hands-on technical security courses addressing intrusion detection, penetration testing and ethical hacking, forensics, compliance and much more.

Security is still the one area that can’t be compromised. Your skills and knowledge are vital for the long term prospects of your organization and your clients. So, register today. SANS look forward to meeting old and new friends alike at SANS London 2011.

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