Customizable cloud service with hybrid options

Contegix announced an expansion to MiraCloud, its cloud computing platform. It will offer a tiered cloud hosting model that includes convenience class, business class and enterprise class levels.

MiraCloud delivers the promise of a multi-tiered cloud platform with options that range from self-managed cloud computing to a private enterprise cloud with the ability to choose elements from each tier to suit various mission critical needs, creating a hybrid solution.

For example, companies can choose different MiraCloud tiers for various applications, multiple hypervisor support, and mixed needs within the Contegix public cloud and a customer’s private cloud. In addition, each platform type can be supported by Contegix at the level of service determined by the customer.

MiraCloud is a self-service platform for customers who want complete control of hosting capabilities. MiraCloud offers numerous benefits:

  • A simple web interface that allows customers to easily manage and access cloud resources, including budgets and overall spend.
  • Easy migration, from a seamless transition of physical hosts to virtual hosts, to the use of approved appliances and the creation of custom user templates.
  • The ability to pay for compute capacity by the hour or monthly, and to choose on a per system basis, with guaranteed CPU and RAM resources.
  • Advanced network capability, including VLANs, to create private virtual data centers, as well as integrated Virtual Private Network (VPN) and load balancing.
  • Compliance made simple with standardized reports, controls and processes to move sensitive workloads into the cloud by addressing their specific regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Access to Contegix’s award-winning technical support of Tier 3 engineers who are available 24/7/365.
  • An open, RESTful API that allows enterprises to build intelligence into their applications, initiate and shut down extra capacity, and process data and manage increased usage of their applications.
  • Ability for customers to choose their tier of cloud service – from hypervisor to storage.

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