Security testing to become part of education in Germany

Codenomicon and Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences (FH Brandenburg) announced a cooperation agreement to help educate German IT professionals. Codenomicon’s Defensics software will be available for students in Security management programme in FH Brandenburg.

“Information technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, complicated and as a result, more vulnerable” says Anton von Troyer, Vice President DACH from Codenomicon Deutchland. “We want to help training the future information security professionals to meet the challenge they are up against.”

Codenomicon’s Defensics test tool relies on fuzz testing, a technique where invalid or unexpected input is fed to the system under test to reveal potentially exploitable vulnerabilities. The technique is particularly effective in finding previously unknown, so called zero-day vulnerabilities.

Unknown vulnerabilities are a challenge to product security, since there are no patches available, no way to protect the system against attacks targeted to unknown vulnerabilities.

“It is a fertile cooperation for both sides”, says Prof. Sachar Paulus from FH Brandenburg, “Beside the use of the software in teaching, possible innovations in the context of product use are examined together.”

With Codenomicon’s Unknown Vulnerability Management (UVM) process it is possible to not only find the zero-day vulnerabilities from software but also make sure that the issues are fixed.

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