Fraud detection and cloud security from ActivIdentity

ActivIdentity introduced 4TRESS Authentication Appliance that offers multi-layered strong authentication, fraud detection and cloud security capabilities. The appliance provides more than 15 versatile strong authentication methods that can be used in conjunction with transparent new adaptive authentication and fraud detection techniques.

With APTs and bank fraud increasing at alarming rates, enterprises and online banks are looking for more effective authentication solutions that inhibit damage from credential and identity theft, without degrading user experience.

The 4TRESS Authentication Appliance supports a wide range of tokens, including Web, mobile and PC soft tokens for a broad range of use cases, and also provides Out-of-Band (SMS or email) OTP for transaction level authentication to block man-in-the-middle attacks.

4TRESS Fraud Detection goes even further, profiling PCs at registration and each subsequent login attempt to transparently rate risk and intelligently allow or disallow access accordingly. It leverages a network that profiles millions of PCs daily, and utilizes network knowledge to identify bad-risk PCs the first time they attempt to access a new customer’s site. In addition, it preserves privacy by not storing any personally identifiable information.

To facilitate rapid integration for online banking customers, 4TRESS supports a range of industry standards, with flexible API’s and offers a pre-configured template for solution partners, including deployment with the TEMENOS banking platform. The new appliance is fully localizable, Section 508-compliant and enables centralized security management.

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