Cloud computing disaster recovery

Online Tech announced a disaster recovery solution for cloud computing. DR Now! replicates the entire hosted cloud including servers, software, network and security to an offsite disaster recovery cloud without any programming or special configuration.

Online Tech replicates its shared and private clouds between their Michigan data centers. When a disaster is declared, Online Tech commits that the entire replicated cloud, including servers, software, network and security configuration will be online in less than 4 hours.

Other features of DR Now! include:

  • Fully provisioned, permanently reserved servers for disaster recovery, unlike traditional cold site DR plans in which servers are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Annual DR testing and automatic emergency response by Online Tech.
  • A warranted 4 hour recovery time objective (RTO), specifying worst case availability.
  • A warranted 4 hour recovery point objective (RPO), specifying worst case amount of data lost.
  • Provisioning capability for even faster RTO and RPO.

Starting at $99 per month, DR servers can be ordered by a single checkbox with the order of a cloud server. Online Tech sets up the DR cloud without any additional user configuration.

“One of the most significant advantages to cloud computing is how it changes disaster recovery, making it more cost-effective and lowering the bar for enterprises to deploy comprehensive DR plans for their entire IT infrastructure,” said Mike Klein, President of Online Tech.

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