WikiLeaks founder loses extradition appeal

Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange has lost another appeal to the February decision by a UK court that he should be extradited to Sweden in order to face possible charges of sexual assault and rape.

Assange continues to claim that both charges are false, and his legal counsel attempted to persuade the two High Court judges presiding over the appeal that the European arrest warrant that resulted in Assange’s arrest was invalid because it was not issued by a judicial authority but by Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny – consequently making all following legal proceedings illegal.

The judges failed to come to the same conclusion, and also shot down Assange’s claims that the descriptions of his alleged offenses were not accurate.

According to the BBC, he still might be saved from extradition by the Supreme Court, but his lawyers must first get the permission to launch this final appeal from the High Court.

He is to remain in the UK at least until that permission is granted or denied later this month – almost a year after his arrest in London.

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