Hacker’s pay-walled site hacked by vengeful hackers

A hacker’s pay-walled site on which he offers administrative access to a number of military, education and government websites for sale, has been hacked by a rival hacking group that goes by the name “d33ds”.

The fact was revealed by researchers of security company Imperva, who have discovered “Srblche”‘s (the hacker’s) website back in January and wrote about it, prompting him (or her?) to put the site behind a paywall and ask users to pay $10 ($30 according to d33ds) to access the website and the information on the vulnerabilities that will allow them to compromise the aforementioned sites.

“Anyone willing to pay for this service must be as stupid as he is,” commented the group, and posted information about the server hosting the site, the hacker’s admin login credentials (in plain text), and hashes of his customers’ passwords.

Imperva’s researchers speculate that the group has managed to access Srblche’s application source files by compromising other applications hosted on the same server as his site – a method that worked for them well when they attacked and defaced the Rankmyhack website in August this year.

Srblche, well known in the hacker community, has obviously angered some of its members. According to Computerworld, he has been accused in the past of stealing other hacker’s tools and trying to sell them.

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