McAfee updates its Cloud Security Platform

McAfee announced the latest enhancements to its Cloud Security Platform which secures all primary channels of traffic – email, web and authentication – moving between an organisation and the cloud to help organisations safely and efficiently take advantage of cloud-based services and solutions. The Platform can be deployed as an on-premise appliance, SaaS or a hybrid combination.

Businesses frequently cite the potential for data loss as the number one reason for holding back on the implementation of cloud computing solutions. With the integration of the latest capabilities, the McAfee Cloud Security Platform addresses this concern.

McAfee Cloud Security Platform includes the following security modules:

McAfee Cloud Identity Manager, also available from Intel as Intel Expressway Cloud Access 360, expands integration with SAML aware and traditional log-in cloud applications and enhances end user ease of use with an SSO Portal for centralised, seamless access

McAfee DLP safeguards information moving to the cloud. Highlights in the version 9.2 release include virtual machine support that enables organisations to leverage their on-premise or cloud infrastructures and data classification capabilities for rapid inventory, categorisation and remediation of data across hundreds of servers and thousands of file shares.

McAfee Email Gateway version 7.0, which completes consolidation of the Secure Computing Email Gateway (IronMail) platform with the McAfee Email and Web Security appliance platform, offers new advanced encryption features, including push and pull, and the ability to view encrypted messages from mobile devices. McAfee SaaS Email Protection has enhanced DLP capabilities through the addition of file fingerprinting.

McAfee Services Gateway, also available from Intel as Intel Expressway Service Gateway, now has support for IBM MQ and Splunk for reporting, and high-assurance security certifications. McAfee Services Gateway expands security for REST Web services with new policy controls, support for APIs and SAML for identity processing.

The McAfee Cloud Security Platform enhancements provide improved integration into McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform. Integration into ePolicy Orchestrator platform is now available for McAfee Services Gateway, providing monitoring and security event visibility for Web services. Expanded integration is available with McAfee Email Gateway 7.0 to provide full configurability from within ePolicy Orchestrator software, as well as the ability to administer all data loss prevention dictionaries.

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