Email archiving with business intelligence capabilities

GFI Software announced GFI MailArchiver, an email archiving solution that includes MailInsights, a data analysis tool that enables SMBs to maximize the wealth of information contained within their email.

MailInsights reports generated by GFI MailArchiver include:

Communications flow – identifies who a user or group of users are communicating with most often inside or outside of an organization.

Email responsiveness – provides insight into how long it takes employees to reply to internal and external email to help monitor and improve customer service levels.

Inappropriate words – tracks inappropriate language and specific key words in email to monitor and track potential violations of company usage and information disclosure policies.

Email storage – monitors email storage capacity to identify large attachments, enforce retention polices and identify users and groups of users consuming the most storage resources.

Inactive accounts – creates a list of accounts which received email but have not replied within a specified time period, enabling IT admins to take corrective action and reroute incoming messages.

Webmail usage – tracks who is exchanging the most email with webmail services, which could be an indication of higher risk messages or inappropriate use.

GFI MailArchiver enables SMBs to address many of the challenges associated with their email system, including managing increasing volumes of email and attachments; maintaining the performance of Microsoft Exchange servers; relying too heavily on PST files or tape backup to retrieve old or deleted emails; complying with the data retention requirements of government regulations; and ensuring that critical information contained in email is not lost and can be restored for business continuity purposes in the event of systems failures or natural disaster.

GFI MailArchiver also enables users to access, search and retrieve their archived email through a web portal optimised for Android-powered devices, BlackBerry smartphones and iPhones.

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