CloudVerse: Cloud management framework

Cisco introduced CloudVerse, a framework that combines the foundational elements needed to enable organizations to build, manage and connect public, private and hybrid clouds.

Today, most cloud technologies exist in silos, preventing an efficient, integrated management approach. By integrating the three foundational cloud elements – the Cisco Unified Data Center with the Cisco Intelligent Network to enable Cloud Applications and Services – CloudVerse delivers a business-class cloud experience within the cloud, between clouds, and beyond the cloud to the end user.

A large number of enterprises, service providers, and governments are announcing today that they are adopting Cisco CloudVerse as the foundation of their cloud strategies, including ACS, a Xerox Company; Fujitsu; NWN; LinkedIn; Orange Business Services; Qualcomm; Silicon Valley Bank; Telecom Italia; Telef??nica S.A.; Telstra; and Terremark, a Verizon Company.

Cisco is introducing several new solutions within the three core elements of CloudVerse:

Unified Data Center changes the economics of cloud infrastructure by providing a fabric-based platform automating the “as-a-service” model across physical and virtual environments, and designed to scale with business demands by flexibly allocating resources within and between data centers using unified computing and unified fabric.

Cloud Intelligent Network provides a consistent and highly secure user experience wherever the user is located and across the multiple clouds involved in delivering an application or service. Cisco now adds new “Cloud-to-Cloud Connect” capabilities.

Cloud Applications and Services enable “as a service” delivery of both Cisco and third-party cloud applications. New capabilities are being added to Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS).

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